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Combating plastic pollution requires biodegradability!

Agapyo jam™ is a competitive replacement for petroleum-based virgin ABS plastic in consumer products. Our biodegradable and bio-sourced jam™ has comparable ABS properties and can be melted, molded and, at end-of-life, made back into soil.

Did you know?



1000 YEARS

5 g

of plastic waste was generated in 2021 in the US alone

of recyclable plastic is actually recycled

to degrade 1 keyboard key

or ~1 credit cards worth of microplastics are consumed by us weekly


Our patented technology enables high-yield conversion from plant-based biomass to jam™ that can then be processed with existing molding machinery. At the end of life, jam™ biodegrades in nature to ensure a real solution to the plastic problem.

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Cradle-to-Cradle Life Cycle

agapyo starts with nature and ends with nature

Start with nature

jam™ is 100% derived from abundant Forestry Stewardship Certified biomass. 

Core technology

Our technology is based on scalable and economic ways of converting our feedstock to an moldable thermoplastic.

End with nature

jam™ biodegrades in nature and won't leave behind any trace of microplastics for future generations.


jam™ is a 100% plant-based thermoplastic embodied with cradle-to-cradle design and manufacturing principal. This material is durable during service and degradable in the natural environment.


The properties of jam™ make it a natural replacement for petroleum-based ABS plastic in use today. 


Cosmetic Packaging





agapyo is targeting multi-use rigid plastic


The solution to the problem of plastics must include degradation in the environment: agapyo jam™ offers a bio-sourced and biodegradable ABS plastic replacement.


Contact us

Jeff Kostos (CEO)

Alina Grenier-Arellano (Product Lead)


Monika Rak (Technical Lead)

780 Av. Brewster, Montreal, QC H4C 2K1

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